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"What you don't know about hearing aids" by Dr. Juliëtte Sterkens. Released March 2, 2024

Watch Dr. Sterkens' persuasive presentation recorded live at the November 4, 2023 TEDxOshkosh event at the Grand Theater in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She sheds new light on the common misconceptions and limitations associated with hearing loss and hearing aids. In the presentation, Sterkens highlights the importance of Bluetooth accessories, communication strategies, and ADA-mandated assistive listening systems. Sterkens, an advocate for the widespread installation of hearing loops in public venues and the activation of telecoils in hearing aids, illustrates their benefits through personal anecdotes and professional insights.

More information is available at, which includes a media release, advocacy guide, Dr. Sterkens articles, graph of the increasing TEDx viewers, discussion guide, hearing loop lists, etc.

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