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Let's Loop Colorado is a collaborative, nonprofit initiative dedicated to increasing the hearing accessibility by advocating for education and industry standard installation of hearing loops across the state. Hearing loops provide clarity and ADA communication access in public and private spaces for people with hearing loss.

The two goals are:   

1) increase the consistent utilization of hearing loops by venues and consumers

2) increase the number of quality hearing loop installations  

Over the past several years, through the work of many people who want to make a difference for people with hearing loss, hearing loops have been installed in various venues in Colorado.


Now, this grassroots, volunteer collaborative initiative brings together the previous initiatives to promote, support, educate individuals about existing hearing loops, and support efforts to increase hearing loops in Colorado.


Across the country, there are approximately three dozen hearing looping campaigns. These campaigns began in 2010 with the “Get in the Hearing Loop” campaign, launched by the American Academy of Audiology and the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), based on Dr. Myers' pioneering work in western Michigan.

We do not advise individuals about hearing aids.  For Colorado information please visit:

Ways to Help

Interested individuals or organizations are welcome to be help advance the hearing loop initiative in Colorado. 

You choose how you can best use your interest, skills, and time.

1. Individuals with hearing loss

  • Use existing hearing loops whenever possible, to get the best sound possible.

  • Invite another person (without hearing aids or without t-coils) to use a headset to experience a wonderful hearing loop.

  • Write a thank you note to the venue expressing the difference the hearing loop made for you.

  • Testimonials. Provide a short, anonymous written testimonial to be placed on this website and/or in other promotional materials.

  • If you are having difficulty understanding at a particular venue, meet with the appropriate staff and/or write a letter (or email) asking for a hearing loop to be installed.


2. Venues that currently have a hearing loop. Reach further:

  • Put the hearing loop logo on their website.

  • Put a simple printed handout about the hearing loop for consumers to pickup (template available)

  • Further promote a specific, hearing loop internally and externally.

  • Hold a demonstration with Q&A.

  • Re-invigorate so the loop is used more extensively.

  • Be a mentor for another organization who is considering installing a hearing loop and learning about the process.


3. Venue that needs a hearing loop.

  • Partner with others and work together towards getting a hearing loop installed. Ask for a presentation, resources, and/or a demo with a portable loop.

4. Participate with this "Let's Loop Colorado" statewide coalition. Signup with MailChimp with your contact info 

  • Flexible, various short- and long-term tasks in-person and virtual. State and/or local community levels.

  • Represent your organization. Email your logo to be placed at the bottom of this website.

  • Coalition work. Be part of the process to advance this hearing loop initiative in Colorado. Short and longer term projects


5. Stay informed. Sign-up for newsletter using MailChimp. Link


Organizations Involved



Interested in being a sponsor? Please contact us.

Involved Organizations

HLAACOchapters 300x147.jpg

And other organizations who prefer not to display their logos, for multiple reasons

Interested in being involved? Please contact us.


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Funds from a 2019-2020 Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind grant are used for hosting this website, demo equipment, materials, etc.

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