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General Information

  • Colorado Telecoil Handout. 2 page (pdf) and 4 page (pdf). See telecoils webpage NEW

  • Guide to Understanding Hearing Loops Link (4 page, pdf). Email for glossy paper brochure.

  • Comparison of available assistive listening technologies. "Hearing loops: T-coil users receive sound invisibly, simply and directly to their own hearing aid." International Hearing Loop Manufacturers (IHLMA) Link (13 pages, pdf) NEW

  • Hearing Loops-Brainstormed list of venues. Link (1 page, pdf)



There are 3 types of wireless technologies that meet the ADA standards: hearing loops, IR, and FM.  In contrast, Wi-Fi audio or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) does NOT meet ADA standards.

  • ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010), Assistive Listening Systems

    • ADA Sections 216, 219, 703, 706, and signage. HLAA. Link (4 pages, pdf)

    • ADA Overview. Loop Colorado. Link (1 page, pdf)

  • The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has standards for hearing loop installation to reliably deliver the and optimal sound quality and guarantee positive experiences for users:

IEC 60118-4:2014+AMD1:2017 CSV, Consolidated version. Electroacoustics - Hearing aids - Part 4: Induction-loop systems for hearing aid purposes - System performance requirements. Link (website with full standards). 


It's important that a venue to require a "certificate of conformity."


Individuals with Hearing Loss


  • Ask your audiologist or hearing aid provider about telecoils Link (4 cards/page pdf)

  • May I recommend you consider installing a hearing loop Link (10 cards/page pdf).




Tools-Venues Interested in Hearing Loops

  • Best Practices for Hearing Loop Installation (2019). Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). Link (2 pages).

  • Good Practice Guide Hearing Loop Systems: A Guide to Best Practice for Service Providers (2016). International Hearing Loop Manufacturer Association. Link (11 pages, pdf)

  • Sample Request for Proposal for Hearing Loop System. Link (4 page, pdf)


Tools-Venues with Existing Hearing Loops

  • 9 Best Practices to Maximize the Benefits (Self Assessment). Request via email (pdf).

  • Feedback. Hearing loops are discrete. No one knows when a person is using the hearing loop, and that’s one of the benefits; however, the venue may thus think that their hearing loop isn’t being used. One idea is for the venue to solicit feedback. Link (1/2 page)

  • Hearing Loops-Signage: Going beyond the ADA Standard. Link (1 page pdf)

  • Slides to inform patrons/visitors/guests about hearing loop at beginning of meeting/event. Link (Microsoft PowerPoint)

  • We have a hearing loop. Place in lobby to educate people. Template to adapt for your organization. Link (1/3 page Word)



Hearing Loops-Signage: Going beyond the ADA Standard. Link (1 page pdf).

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