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Photos-Hearing Loops- Almost Anywhere!

Hearing Loops, Plexiglass Barriers
Ideal anytime, especially needed with barriers, masks, and COVID

kennedy space center-r.jpg



Amtrak, Penn Station, NYC

HLAA-New loop 12-2020-r .jpg

National HLAA Reception area, MD

Hearing Loops, Transportation

BART Loop Car photo-r.jpg

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train car.

Courtesy A.Thomas

NY city taxi-r.png

New York City Taxi

Grand Rapids Airport-r.jpg

Grand Rapids Airport, MI

Courtesy D. Myers

Hearing Loops, Large Venues

Opera House-Australia-r.jpg

Opera House. Sydney, Australia

Chicago Calvary Church-r.png

Chicago Calvary Church (2500 seats). Naperville, IL

Santa Barbara Bowl-r.jpg

Santa Barbara Bowl. Santa Barbara, CA

Michigan State Stadium-r.jpg

Michigan State Stadium

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