Colorado Map-Hearing Looped Venues

​Colorado has approximately

  • 195 permanent hearing loops (135 room, 50 counter, 6 window, and 4 table)

  • 148 locations: audiology 10, education 2, government 26, health 14, library 13, museum 1, nonprofit 3, recreation 4, senior 18, theater 13, and places of worship 45. Some organizations have more than one hearing loop.


In addition, there are 11 portable hearing loops:

  • The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has 10 portable hearing loop systems for use across the state, such as during emergency service response.

  • Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities has a portable hearing loop system.


For a detailed map of CU Boulder that shows their 2 hearing loops, check out  


This map came from twelve sources. Since a consolidated listing with a map has never been done, there are some inaccuracies, and some venues may have an FM system rather than a hearing loop. Please let us know what needs to be revised or added!  (last updated 8/27/20)

Click on the icon (top left hand corner in map's title bar) see the key for the map.

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