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What is a telecoil?

A telecoil is a small copper coil installed in the majority of hearing aids and almost all cochlear implants. A telecoil, t-coil or T-program serves as a wireless receiver, which is the universal platform that connects to all ADA mandated assistive listening systems (hearing loops, FM, and infrared).

Also, a telecoil connects hearing aids and cochlear implants with neckloops to provide access to a person's home phone (amplified or captioned phone) or wireless device such as smartphones (iPhone, Droid), flip phone, and tablet (iPad).

Buying new hearing aids? Ask for a telecoil!

Some people may think they will never need a telecoil, “Nah, I’ll never need that,” even though they have never experienced the quality sound that a hearing loop provides.


When you buy your hearing aids, request telecoil anyway - even if you think you will never use telecoil. Remember, you will probably keep your hearing aids for several years. If you change your mind, it is easy for the audiologist or hearing aid provider to program the telecoil later.


FYI, anyone with or without hearing loss can borrow a receiver/headset to experience a hearing loop.

Whenever your telecoils are programmed, make sure you understand how to use your telecoils with a hearing loop.

Remember, if a telecoil is desired in a hearing aid, they must be installed during the manufacturing process. Note, although one can access a telecoil via a streamer, it is often much easier to use if it is installed as a program in the hearing aid.

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