Video Explainers

Colorado Springs, CO (Fox News, Fox21):

City Hall is the first city facility where people can now hear better, thanks to the Hearing Loop System. (1:20 minutes)

Conference/large gathering simulation:

Hear the difference a loop makes (< 1 minute)

Like the Mic

Microphones give inclusion (3:55 minutes)

How Hearing Loops Work:

What is a Hearing Loop and how does it work? (2 minutes)

Let's Loop Swindon (4 minutes)

Place of Worship simulation:

Hear the difference a loop makes (< 1 minute)

Subway simulation: 

Hear the difference a loop makes (< 2 minutes)

How does a Hearing Loop work to assist people with hearing loss? (2 1/2 minutes)

Telecoil will BLOW your Mind! (6+ minutes).

"Telecoils could quite possibly still be the single most important feature that you get inside a hearing aid"

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People with Hearing Loss


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