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What: A free online library for hearing loops and telecoils: articles, legislation, papers, presentations, research, tools, videos, etc.

Why: One comprehensive resource for hearing loops. Make information easily available. Simplify searches.

Who is this for: Hearing loop advocates, installers, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists (labeled HHP-Hearing Healthcare Practitioners), students, researchers, journalists, venues, installers, and whomever is interested.

​Details of what’s in Zotero. 1900+ items

  • Articles, magazine articles (Sound & Communication, HHTM, etc.)

  • Bloggers

  • Continuing Education for audiologists and hearing instrument specialists, CEU

  • Hearing loop initiatives (state and regional)

  • HLAA tools

  • Journals, such as The Hearing Journal (lots of articles), Ear and Hearing (4 articles), Audiology Practices

  • Legislation with telecoils, building standards, education, etc.

  • New hearing loop installations announcements (blog posts, newspaper articles)

  • Resources (formal and informal), pdf, doc, jpg

  • Websites, such as, etc.

  • YouTube videos (hearing loop simulations, explanations, hearing loop campaign, training)


What’s not in Zotero:

  • Vendor information about installers, audiology practices, hearing instrument specialist practices, or hearing loop manufacturers unless they are educational

  • Articles behind pay walls

Who manages the library, available to anyone in the country, or internationally? Let's Loop Colorado


Suggestions:  Suggestions are welcomed! Just email the links (email address below), attach articles, or specifically describe changes of an existing resource (only administrators can add or make changes)


Method #1. Use your web browser

Method #2. Use the Zotero app on your computer. Email us/notify us through Zotero that you'd like to become a group member, we'll add you.

Tutorial. Maybe you’re the type of learner that you just dive in and start clicking on buttons! Or maybe a tutorial from the Univ of Georgia could explains things

You can do a simple search or search everything (click on small arrow in search bar)

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